Should you take the Counter Offer?

You’ve landed your dream job and handed in your resignation letter. But your employer is reluctant about you leaving, so they make you an enticing counter offer. They even offer you better pay, more benefits and a new desk if you stay. So do you stay or do you go? And what do you need to consider when you get a counter offer?

  • Why now?
    Before you even consider the counter offer you need to consider why you are thinking of leaving, way up the pros and cons. Consider whether you are feeling under-valued in your current job. Does the new job offer more promotional opportunities?
  • Pay
    Sometimes it’s not all about the money. Even though your current employer is offering more money you may want a new environment or challenge. Follow your gut instinct and try not to be influenced by others, as only you know what’s best for you.
  • Trust
    Once your employer knows that you have the intention to leave, they may feel as if you are disloyal to the company. You may now be seen as not being a team player and if there was a restructure, you may be the first out of the door. However, they be no trust issues and the fact you went elsewhere may make your current employer work harder to make you happy.
  • Recognition
    If it takes an ultimatum for your employer to up the ante in keeping you happy then you may be happier with an organisation that proactively helps you to fulfil your career ambitions.
  • What are you leaving behind?
    When you have worked at an organisation for a good amount of time, you would have built up relationships, your service record etc. By making a external move you may make an dramatic improvement to your career progression, as well as your immediate and long-term earning potential. However, please note that doesn’t mean that making an external move is always the best move.

If you need further advice on counter offers, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Network Open team.

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