Candidate testimonials

"I would just like to draw your attention to your colleague, Nicki Clarke. I had the good fortune to end up talking to Nicki when I rang enquiring about a post from your web-site.  She gave me excellent information, but unfortunately there was bad news for me regarding my qualifications.  I half expected this and explained to Nicki that there was a problem within the process, i.e. NHS Audiologists like me were finding it difficult to convert to the HCPC qualification.Of course she could have just let that be and let me go on my sweet, merry way, but no, she investigated further without any prompting from me and this has led to a meeting with a very prominent business owner. I have always believed in praising people who go above and beyond and I would like her to know, I really appreciate her efforts and hope that she continues to be so helpful for others.  I believe you have a  fantastic employee there and that she has made this fella very happy with her service. Peter"

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