Should I talk about my weaknesses in a job interview?

What are your strengths and weaknesses? This is a very common question raised during interviews, and while many candidates love the opportunity to portray their strengths and know exactly how to answer this bit, many are often stumped by the second part.

Don't mention something crucial to the role

As this is a very common question, it's a good one to prepare for it ahead of your interview, just in case. Select personal qualities that wouldn't necessarily be crucial to the role and think about the ways in which you can show you are working towards overcoming them. Examples could be being disorganised, shy, or having a tendency to take on too much, etc.

Demonstrate personal growth

The ability to know and understand what your weaknesses are can actually be deemed as a strength – it means you have the insight to be able to work towards overcoming them and becoming a more rounded and skilled candidate who is committed to personal growth and development.

You can demonstrate this by stating what you perceive to be a weakness, explaining how you learnt that this is an area that requires more focus, and then explaining the steps you are taking in order to overcome it. For example, 'I can sometimes be too critical or doubt myself. I have noticed this in my personal and professional life and it has lead to feelings of negativity that can often spiral out of control. I now recognise this and have learnt to celebrate my achievements, however small, accept praise from peers and congratulate myself, which has lead to a healthier and happier balance.'

Be prepared

While it might seem counter-intuitive to discuss a weakness and potentially put yourself down in an interview, ignoring the question would not be looked upon favourably! We advise preparing in advance and always following up every example of a weakness with a solution to put a positive spin on it.

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