Help! I don't know the answer!

We've talked about interviews in the past and discussed some of our top tips for ensuring you are as prepared as possible for the day could become a career-defining moment in your life. However, in most interviews there will be a moment that catches you off guard, such as a question you don't know the answer to.

So, what should you do in these situations? It's all about being prepared for what you can't actually prepare for, by this we mean knowing how to react well in a situations that could potentially throw you.

Don't panic

Allowing one question to throw you off course for the rest of the interview is completely unnecessary. First things first, don't panic; the worst thing you can do in this situation is flap. Take a deep breath and ask the interviewer to repeat the question to allow you some more thinking time.

Be honest

If you don't know the answer, just own up and admit that you don't know. We're all only human and we can't be expected to know everything, but being candid about it shows that you are an honest and trustworthy person, traits that are desirable in a new employee.

Provide a solution

Once you have admitted that you are unsure, offer to go away and do some research on that particular area. If it is something job related, you can explain that this is something that you are keen to learn about through in-house or advanced training to help develop and progress your career. This shows that you are both willing to learn and have an ambition and passion for your career.

As you can see, even the toughest question needn't ruin an entire interview for you! As long as you remember to keep your cool and stay true to yourself, everything will be absolutely fine. If you're looking for a new role, we may be able to help, give us a call on 0121 456 8111 today or use our contact form.

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