Could you be the most frightening thing in the interview room?

With it being Halloween this month, the only thing you want to be scary is your fancy dress outfit and not your interview technique! So how do you talk about yourself without scaring the interviewer off?

Talking yourself up is part and parcel of having an interview. You need to market and sell yourself as the best candidate for the job, but how do you do that without talking all about you that little bit too much? 

There is a fine line between coming across as confident and career driven or cocky and full of yourself – and who wants to work with someone like that?! Often, nerves can make interviewees rattle on when answering questions, blowing their own trumpet without thinking about what they are actually saying, so our first tip is to slow down. Take a deep breath to allow yourself a few moments before beginning to answer a question. 

Of course, you will be talking about yourself, but try to provide real-life scenarios to back up anything you do say. If you tell the interviewer that you are good at something, think of an example that will help to paint the picture instead of using a myriad of words that sound meaningless. 

Ask questions

Think of your interview like a date! The idea is for both parties to get to know one another to see whether you can make a good partnership together. You should use your interview to find out about the team, the company ethos, and any other questions you may have from the research you have already done. 

With this is mind, be sure to ask enough questions to give you a feel of whether it would be a good fit for you, and in doing so you will help create a better balance in the interview room. 

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